Hiking Gear, Survival Gear Sleeping bags and more

Did you ever asked yourself,


“What Hiking Gear is the best for me?” or “Is this Survival Gear right for me?”

Then you are at the right spot. Many people keep asking themselves, What to buy for a Trip to the Nature, and that’s a important Question.

First of all you have to decide what you are going to do? Do you simple go for a short hiking Tour with your Friends and Families for a day? Do you go hiking and camping for some days? Or do you even go for a Harcore Survival Trip for some days?


We have a Checklist prepared for every case, check it out right here. 



If you already know what kind of Hiking Gear/Survival Gear you need then you can have a look at our Product Tests for each Category.

We always keep testing the newest Products such as

Sleeping bags



and also new such Technologies like the Lifestraw which gives you the ability to drink from any Water Source in the Woods, you can check those out right here.


If you want to see some Stress Test for the Products we show here make sure to Check out our Youtube Channel!